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Gem Oils Advice For Those Reopening Machine Shops After Lockdown

Following extended lock-down, many Machine Shops may now be returning to work.

If systems were not sanitised appropriately – prior to the sudden and unexpected nature of the lock-down – bacterial and fungal contamination will have built up in water-mix cutting/grinding fluids and also machine tool surfaces.

The bacteria/fungi are the root cause of the pungent odours. They can cause harm to the metal surfaces of the machine tools and internal workings – including any external filtration systems.

Fortunately, Gem Oils – based in Cavan – supplies a comprehensive range of cleaning agents and Metalworking Fluids. These are tailor-made to get your Machine Tool Fluid Systems sanitised and quality compliant.

Using our SMC-10 range of cleaning agents to run through your machines will quickly have them back to their optimum productivity levels.

Gem Oils also offer a comprehensive Machine Tool Cleaning Procedure document to ALL existing Gem Oils customers. These procedures have been adopted by many Global Manufacturing entities.

Our cutting fluids are formulated and blended in Ireland for Irish needs. They include a full range of Water-Soluble Cutting Fluids and Neat Oils for chip forming operations.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Sales team for further information/commercial or technical data at, by emailing [email protected] or calling us on 0494378116.


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