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Gem Oils pride themselves on being a premium supplier for all your agricultural lubricating oil and grease needs. If the product you require is not listed below, please contact us.

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If you cannot find the product you are looking for, please contact us. All products are provided in a range of pack sizes.

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gem oils antifreeze
GEM 2 Year Antifreeze

gem oils coolant
GEM 2 Year Engine Coolant

gemcool antifreeze engine coolant pink 20 litre
GEM 5 Year Antifreeze

gem oils coolant
GEM 5 Year Pink Engine Coolant

adblue group pic
Gem AdBlue

10,5035,00 excl. VAT

gem oils multipurpose 10w-30
Gem AgriPower 10W-30

23,5886,81 excl. VAT

gem oils agripower plus 10w/40 20 litre
Gem AgriPower Plus 10W-40

gem oils bar and chain professional pair oil
Gem Bar & Chain Professional

19,1870,38 excl. VAT

gem ls blue lithium ep2 sv
Gem Blue Lithium EP2 SV Grease

6,13 excl. VAT

gem oils europulse long drain 10w/40 20 litre
Gem Europulse 10W-40

gem oils farmfleet 10w/30 20 litre
Gem Farmfleet 10W-30

80,75 excl. VAT

gem oils farmfleet 15w/30 20 litre
Gem Farmfleet 15W-30

83,75 excl. VAT

gem oils fully synthetic gear oil 75w/90
Gem Fully Synthetic 75W-90

gem gear oil 250 20 litre
Gem Gear Oil 250

Gem High Tran Fluid

gem oils hydraulic oil h100aw 20 litre
Gem Hydraulic Oil H100AW

Gem Hydraulic Oil H15AW

gem oils hydraulic oil h32aw 20 litre
Gem Hydraulic Oil H32AW

gem oils hydraulic oil h46aw 20 litre oil
Gem Hydraulic Oil H46AW

18,6162,28 excl. VAT

gem oils hydraulic oil h46hv 20 litre
Gem Hydraulic Oil H46HV

hydraulic oil h68aw 20 litre
Gem Hydraulic Oil H68AW

Gem oils hydraulic oil hv68 20 litre
Gem Hydraulic Oil H68HV

gem oils lithium complex grease 12.5kg
Gem Lithium Complex Grease

gem oils milking machine oil
Gem Milking Machine Oil

18,9568,90 excl. VAT

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