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Managing Your Agricultural Lubricating Oil and Grease Needs

Here at Gem Oils, we always seek to give the best advice to our agricultural equipment users. However, please check with your manufacturer’s recommendation for the type and grade of grease needed for your machinery. Likewise, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on how to store your equipment correctly when not in use.

For your grease applications we recommend the Gem grease range for bearings and wheel bearings.

For your driveshaft needs, Gem Oils recommends:

  • Gem Molylith 2 Grease. Provides a lubricious coat for each contact surface with a durable, high performing film to protect and maintain your machinery. Avoid using Pin & Bush grease on your driveshaft as the graphite in this product sticks to the PTO shaft and may eventually lead to seizing.

Meanwhile, the Gem Oils Agri Power family of products,
Gem Agri Power and Gem Agri Power Plus are high quality universal oils for use in modern tractors and farm equipment.

Gem Agri Power is a modern MP SUTO used in modern high performance tractors. GEM Agri Power 10w/30 is designed for use in engines, transmissions, hydraulics and final drives of modern tractors. The grade is blended from carefully selected base oils and the latest additive technology to produce a lubricant to meet the highest demands.

Gem Agri Power Plus Synthetic 10w/40 is a universal oil for modern tractors and farm equipment. It is designed for use in engines, transmissions, hydraulics, final drives and brakes of high performance tractors and off highway construction equipment.

In addition, the Gem Ultrafleet range is UHPD Mid SAPS engine oil. There are several viscosities available including 15w/40, 10w/30, 10w/40. These products are designed for use in the Tier 3 off road engines, including tractors. They carry the latest ACEA E6/E9 specification and have low sulphur diesel fuel compatibility and reduced sludge build up and deposits.

If you require further information, technical data or commercial interest in the Gem suite of products, please contact our Sales team by emailing [email protected], calling us on 0494378116 or complete the contact us page.

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