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Gem Oils advice on Cutting Fluids and Machine Shop Operations

CNC Machines are used to cut and form metals.

  • To protect these machines, it is advisable to use a water /oil mix blended coolant.
  • Cutting metal requires a lubricant to reduce friction of the chip over the tool​.
  • With modern machinery oil on its own may not cool the tip head adequately.
  • For this reason, it may be advisable to use an oil/water-based solution.
  • When the emulsion is directed onto the tool and the workpiece the heat at the tool evaporates the water while deposits of oil and esters are left to give anti frictional quality and reduce wear
  • Always add soluble oil to water.​ Oil In Last
  • Concentration rates vary 3% to 8% average 5% (95% water 5% concentrate).
  • Importance of pH
    • Very important that the pH is correct​ (pH. 8.6 – 9.2.​)
    • A low pH will lead to the growth of bacteria​.
    • A high pH can lead to skin irritation for the machine operator.
    • ​A Litmus test will give a quick and accurate result.
  • Bacteria Control
    • Bio resistant formulations rely on two methods to control bacteria,​

1- Biocides to kill the bacteria, biocides are expensive.​

2-Bio resistant (hard)additives that do not support bacteria.​

  • Good control of the dilution and minimising such contaminants as tramp oil will maintain the integrity of the emulsion.​
  • Excessive oil contamination from hydraulic oil leaks or slide way should be removed regularly.
  • Fitting filtration systems will remove harmful contaminants.​
  • Good housekeeping is extremely important.

If you are using cutting machinery, contact your Gem Oils Sales Manager to discuss how we can optimise your operations with our market leading cutting fluids.

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