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Here at Gem Oils, we always seek to give the best advice to grease users.
In all situations check with your manufacturer’s recommendation for the type and grade of grease for your machinery.
For your grease applications we recommend Gem grease range for bearings and wheel bearings.
Gem Multi-Purpose EP2 is ideal for multi-purpose greasing;
Gem Blue EP2 SV provides excellent vibration protection where required;
Gem Lithium Complex and Blue Lithium Grease, with its stronger Lithium Soap can absorb heavier impacts. Always use Lithium Complex Greases sparingly to optimise performance.
For your driveshaft Gem Oils recommends Gem Molylith 2 Grease. Gem Molylith 2 Grease coats each contact surface with a durable, high performing film to protect and maintain your machinery.
Avoid using Pin & Bush grease on your driveshaft as the graphite in this product sticks to the PTO shaft and may eventually lead to seizing.
By following these basic steps, your machinery should be in good working order to keep you on schedule now and throughout 2022.
It’s important that you always conduct these maintenance checks in advance, in case any repairs or replacements need to be made.
Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on how to store your equipment correctly when not in use, and on its operation.
Please don’t hesitate to contact our Sales team for further information/commercial or technical data at, by emailing [email protected] or calling us on 0494378116.
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