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Gem Agri Power & Agri Power Plus

The Gem Oils Agri Power family of products, Gem Agri Power and Gem Agri Power Plus are high quality universal oils for use in modern tractors and farm equipment.


Gem Agri Power is a modern MP SUTO for use in latest generation high performance tractors. GEM Agri Power 10w/30 is designed for use in engines, transmissions, hydraulics and final drives of modern tractors. The grade is blended from carefully selected base oils and the latest additive technology to produce a lubricant that exceeds the demands of latest generation Farm equipment.


Advantages/Benefits: · Excellent low and high temperature stability · Helps reduce wet brakes squawk · OEM approved performance profile · Suitable for most Agricultural & Plant machinery requirements · Avoids PTO clutch slippage · Compatible with all gaskets and seal


GEM AGRI POWER PLUS Synthetic 10w/40 is a universal oil for modern Tractors & farm equipment. GEM Agri Power Plus 10w/40 is designed for use in engines, transmissions, hydraulics, final drives & brakes of high performance tractors and off highway construction equipment.


Advantages/Benefits: · Reduces wet brake noise · Maintains braking efficiency while limiting friction plate wear · Avoids IPTO clutch slippage · OEM approved performance profile · Enhanced hydraulic performance · Anti-rust, anti-foam, anti-wear additive treated · Compatible with all gaskets and seals · Reduced lubricant storage preventing use of wrong product

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