Sustainability Policy

In pursuit of Gem Oils’ objectives relating to sustainability, we implement the following areas of environmental, social and economic sustainability for every contract which maximises the utilisation of natural resources, recyclable materials and supports the local economy.

Environmental Sustainability

It is Gem Oils’ Policy to regularly assess key environmental risks, their root causes, their effects and ultimately the control methods put in place to alleviate any risk. The environmental impact of our day to day activities is minimal but includes:

As highlighted in our Environmental impacts register above, Gem Oils is committed to minimising our business operations impact on the environment. In order to do this we have also noted the environmental aspects of our activities and services. Through identifying and being fully aware of the environmental impacts of our business activities we are then able to develop an Environmental Action Plan to minimise these impacts as detailed below:

Emissions (Low Impact)

Root Cause: Travel to/from location. Supplier deliveries.

Effects: Carbon dioxide – climate change, SOx, NOx and particulates – low-level air pollution


  • Limit travel to sites and conduct business via telephone or email where it is possible.
  • Where possible deliveries are taken straight to job sites reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Gem Oils supports local businesses and suppliers ensuring that oils and lubricants are sourced locally whenever possible.


Use of Resources (Medium Impact)

Root Cause: Raw materials within office Oil Travel – petrol

Effects: Use of fossil fuels


  • Gem Oils has a strong relationship with many international blenders and can readily seek advice from their world-class technical departments.
  • Limit the use of paper and printing to when it is absolutely necessary. The use of email and electronic format of documents reduces the use of paper.
  • We encourage our suppliers to limit their use of paper by requesting documents in electronic format.
  • Business waste is managed using the reduce, reuse and recycle principle which we also encourage all our suppliers to adopt.


Energy (Low Impact)

Root Causes: Heating and Lighting. Emissions and fuel use. End of life re-cycling

Effects: Increased energy consumption. Use of fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide – climate change. Low-level air pollution. Light Pollution


  • Gem Oils uses and purchases appliances with power saving functions, including all computers and printers and energy efficient lighting.
  • Vehicles and equipment are purchased from suppliers/ manufactures taking into account environmental aspects such as emissions, fuel use and end of life re-cycling.
  • Vehicles and equipment are serviced at planned intervals or under dealer arrangements.
  • Office lighting is kept to a minimum due to good natural light and heating is used as and when it is required to ensure this is also kept to a minimum.
  • It is our policy to turn off all lights and appliances at the end of each day to reduce energy consumption.


Waste Management (Low Impact)

Root Cause: Waste accrued from individual contracts and office

Effect: Unnecessary landfill and dumping


  • Redundant fluorescent light tubes are taken to the local civic amenity site
  • Printer and toner cartridges are sent back to the supplier or to a local charity
  • Bins are provided for waste segregation where applicable
  • All staff are encouraged to re-use 20% of packaging and recycle 80% of the waste created by our works.


Noise Control (Low Impact)

Root Cause: Works operations

Effect: Nuisance from noise


  • Work which will result in loud noise will be limited (where possible) to outside regular office hours so as not to disrupt other businesses/staff in the vicinity.
  • Staff are supplied with the relevant safety equipment for working with loud machinery.


Protection of the Natural and Built Environment (Low Impact)

Root Cause: Poor project management leading to the destruction of natural and built environment

Effect: Impacts sustainable economic growth


  • Work with property owners and developers where applicable to protect any buildings and monuments within the immediate vicinity of work.
  • Our partner test house also offers an Oil Analysis Training Course. This is a three-day course at their venue in Carlow and is highly recommended for personnel who would like to understand the fundamentals of lubrication and use this information to increase machine reliability and directly increase profits and reduce environmental impact.

Social Sustainability

Gem Oils operates an equal opportunities and recruitment policy to promote and protect equality of opportunity by every means open to it in accordance with the current legislation in providing a harmonious working environment in which no form of discrimination, victimisation or harassment will be tolerated. 

We identify the internal social aspects within the company as:

  • To create an environment in which individual differences and the contributions of all our staff are recognised and valued;
  • Every employee is entitled to a working environment that promotes dignity and respect to all. No form of intimidation, bullying or harassment will be tolerated;
  • Training, development and progression opportunities are available to all staff;
  • To promote equality in the workplace which we believe is good management practise and makes sound business sense;
  • We will review all our employment practices and procedures to ensure fairness; and
  • Breaches of our equality policy will be regarded as misconduct and could lead to disciplinary proceedings.

External aspects in social sustainability and responsibility are reflected through our commitment to people who may have been long term unemployed and we are fully committed to supporting apprenticeship learning where appropriate. Gem Oils has a very close relationship with the local college and has committed to an apprenticeship scheme: taking on apprentices as well as offering work experience opportunities where available.

This policy is fully supported by senior management and will be monitored and reviewed annually on 1st January.

Economic Sustainability

Gem Oils have in place a premise to ensure we employ our existing resources and policies optimally to ensure a responsible and beneficial balance long term. Through our forward planning, thought out policies and schedule reviews, we can help to ensure Gem Oils is successful over a long time period. 

The company has implemented an organisation chart outlining all reporting and lines of delegation of authority, which is distributed to all staff. In addition, business continuity and adaptation plans are reviewed bi-annually to ensure a risk profile is up to date and well managed.

Ultimately we help to sustain local levels of employment through our own maintained staff, our sub-contractors and suppliers – all of whom are locally sourced where possible.

In addition, we ensure fair and prompt payments to our supply chain partners and safeguard against unfair business practices which include, but is not limited to:

  • Confirmation of invoices within 3 days of receipt;
  • Payment to subcontractors immediately upon receipt of payment from authority (or within 5 days);
  • All disputes addressed within 3 days of receipt; and
  • Full briefing to subcontractors on payment terms before projects start (with written confirmation from each partner).

In return, we encourage supply chain partners to adopt responsible business policies and practices for mutual benefit.

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