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Environmental Sustainability

Working toward a more sustainable environment

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Gem Oils is ensuring that, together with our customers, we are working towards a more sustainable environment. We are committed to environmental policies that strive to positively impact our environment, our society and our economy through sustainable initiatives and commitments.

Environmental Regulation

Waste oil is defined as any petroleum-based or synthetic oil that, through contamination, has become unsuitable for its original purpose due to the presence of impurities or loss of original properties. In Ireland, the Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for the regulation of this hazardous waste. All carriers of waste oil must carry a permit and be EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) licensed.

Disposal of Waste Oil

Enva manages a broad range of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, including waste oil. They have a dedicated network of facilities and trusted partners to support their customers in dealing with the removal of waste oil. We recommend Enva for the collection of your waste oil.

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